Liberation of Mosul a ‘milestone’ in global fight against ISIS: Security Council


Mosul liberation. Photo: Reuters

ARA News 

The liberation of Mosul city in northern Iraq has marked an “important milestone” in the global fight against the Islamic State’s (ISIS) terrorism, the United Nations Security Council said on Thursday.

The Security Council welcomed the announcement by Iraqi authorities that the city of Mosul has been freed of the ISIS terrorist group.

“As the Iraqi Security Forces liberate the remaining pockets of ISIS-controlled territory […] all parties must comply with their obligations under international law, including, as applicable, human rights and international humanitarian law, particularly with respect to the protection of the civilian population,” the Security Council members said in a press statement.

Furthermore, the council recognized the Iraqi Government’s ongoing partnership with the UN “to stabilize liberated areas across the country.”

The UN Security Council has also called on all Iraqis to continue to work towards the stabilisation of the liberated areas, including through a redoubled focus on national reconciliation and the safe and voluntary return or reintegration of the millions displaced.

The members of the Council further called for ensuring “accountability for all violations and abuses of human rights and humanitarian laws.”

They also underscored the need to ensure justice for ISIS’s victims and survivors of the group’s crimes in Iraq and across the region.

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