Anti-ISIS Coalition’s Deputy Commander meets Raqqa civilian council


British Maj. Gen. Rupert Jones, deputy commander of the US-led coalition against ISIS, visiting IDPs in Raqqa

ARA News

British Maj. Gen. Rupert Jones, deputy commander of the US-led coalition against ISIS, on Sunday visited the Raqqa Civilian Council in Ayn al Issa to discuss the recent situation in Raqqa, and how to manage the IDPs situation.

The Raqqa Civilian Council, established by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), is expected to rule Raqqa once ISIS is eliminated in Raqqa.

The co-chair of al-Raqqa Civil Council and the administrative members of the council received Rupert Jones and his experts.

The coalition general posted pictures of himself visiting an IDPs [Internally Displaced People] camp in northern Raqqa. “CJTF defeating ISIS to secure them the future they deserve,” he said.

Moreover, Maj. Gen. Jones said that he met the ‘interim Raqqa Civil Council’. “Ready to secure gains of liberation and heal scars left by ISIS,” he tweeted.

Also, coalition envoy Brett McGurk on Twitter praised the tireless work of the British general, confirmed that he visited IDPs in northern Raqqa.

According to the Kurdish agency Hawar News, the two sides discussed cooperation mechanism, and what are the possibilities that would be provided by the two sides after liberating Raqqa and defeating ISIS.

In April, Kurdish feminist Layla Mohammed was appointed as the co-head of the US-backed council, with Mahmoud Shawakh al-Busran as the Arab co-chair.

The council includes members of the Arab tribes, Turkmen, and Kurds.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg | Source: ARA News

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