Lebanon captures ISIS attack plotter


Lebanese soldiers at a security checkpoint close to the border town of Arsal. File photo

Lebanese authorities have arrested a Lebanese man accused of planning a suicide attack on behalf of ISIS, state news agency NNA reported on Tuesday.

The man told police that militants had trained him in north Lebanon and that an ISIS operative in Iraq had taught him via the Internet to make an explosive belt, NNA reported.

A security source said the plot was still at an early stage.

ISIS, which has a large presence in neighboring Syria and holds a barren pocket of territory on its border with Lebanon, has attacked Lebanon in the past.

In November 2015 it was behind twin suicide bombings in south Beirut, an area mostly inhabited by Shi’ite Muslims, regarded by ISIS as heretics.

Lebanese security sources also accused the group of carrying out eight suicide bombings in a Lebanese Christian village last summer that killed five people and wounded dozens more.

However, Lebanon has mostly escaped the violence and chaos unleashed by Syria’s war, where the Lebanese Hezbollah militia has been fighting for President Bashar al-Assad.


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