Palestinian camp south Damascus under Assad fire, casualties reported


Many of Yarmouk's homes were turned to rubble because of Assad's barrel bombs. File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – Syrian pro-regime helicopters dropped several barrel bombs on the Yarmouk refugee camp south of Damascus, causing casualties among civilians stranded in the area, locals reported on Tuesday.

Speaking to ARA News, Yamen Shihabi, a resident of the camp, said that pro-Assad helicopters dropped six barrel bombs on the Yarmouk camp for Palestinian refugees south of Damascus, resulting in the death and injury of dozens and the destruction of several residential buildings.

“Dozens of civilians were trapped under the rubble of destroyed buildings in the camp amid lack of assistance,” he said. 

Shihabi pointed out that the people of the camp face difficulties while trying to rescue those trapped under the ruins of the residential buildings.

“We couldn’t collect accurate information about the number of casualties yet,” the source said. 

“Three barrel bombs fell near the electricity Foundation, while the others landed in the vicinity of Palestine Mosque in the area,” he said.

The source added that the pro-regime military forces began bombarding the camp with mortar fire randomly after hours of dropping barrel bombs, coinciding with clashes between its forces on the one hand, and fighters of ISIS and al-Nusra Front on the other hand, in the vicinity of the camp.

Islamist fighters of ISIS with the support of al-Nusra Front took over the Yarmouk refugee camp last April after fighting factions of opposition forces inside the camp.


Reporting by: Jiwan Saman

Source: ARA News

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