Iraqi Kurdistan sets up three camps for displaced Mosul residents


Mosul displaced family. Activists

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Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) took a decision to establish three camps for people displaced from Mosul city in Ninwa province, north of Iraq, following the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) over the city two days ago.

Dindar Zibari, the Officer Assistant of Foreign Relations in Iraqi Kurdistan, stated in a press conference, on Wednesday: “Within two days, 250 thousand displaced arrived in Iraqi Kurdistan; 100 thousand resorted to the capital Erbil (east of Mosul) and 150 to 180 thousands to Duhok province, north of Iraqi Kurdistan.”

The press conference followed broader meeting of Zibari with representatives of foreign countries and international organizations, with the presence of Akhdar al-Mosawi, the former Iraqi Migration Minister in Erbil.

The conferees appealed to the United Nations as well as the donating countries and international organizations to “support KRG to shelter refugees fleeing from ISIL-held cities”.

“We decided to establish three camps for Mosul’s displaced civilians; two in Duhok countryside and one near Erbil,” the official said. “Iraqi Kurdistan shelters more than half a million refugees; half of them Syrians who fled the civil war in Syria and the other half are Iraqis who fled from violence in middle and south of Iraq.”

In his turn, Akhdar al-Mosawi said: “Coordinating humanitarian assistance is very important. That is why we function in the Region. We also have big numbers of displaced people in Ninwa Plain.”

“The migration ministry will distribute financial aid of 300 thousand Dinars for each family when they settle down.”

Speaking to ARA News, the Kurdish political writer, Jalal Manla Ali, said: “It is normal for the people of Mosul, with all their different ethnic, religious and sectarian backgrounds, to resort to Iraqi Kurdistan, following ISIL domination over Mosul. Many estimated a violent response by KRG on the fall of Mosul.”

“Competent authorities of KRG sheltered tens of thousands of displaced people. This humanitarian national initiative was appreciated by many circles. Unlike al-Malki (Iraqi Central) government which did not provide those displaced civilians with any help.”

According to the International Migration Organization, “Half a million persons were displaced from Mosul following ISIL control over the city and the residents’ fears of counter attack by the Iraqi Army”.


Reporting by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News

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