Displaced Syrians should leave Efrin: Assayish forces


ARA News

Efrin, Syria – The Assayish forces (security arm of the Democratic Union Party PYD) announced on Sunday that the displaced Syrian families (who left their war-torn areas and resorted to the predominant Kurdish city of Efrin and its surroundings) should leave Efrin within ten days.

The PYD-linked Assayish forces also warned the residents of Efrin not to sell or rent houses to displaced families from other Syrian areas.

“Those who would violate the decision will be exposed to prosecution and punishment,” the Assayish leadership said in an official statement on Sunday.

Talking to ARA News, Abu Mohammed, a displaced father of three children from Aleppo who has recently resorted to Efrin, stated that his family was obliged to leave Aleppo as their district was daily exposed to bombardment by the pro-regime helicopters and warplanes.

“Our house was completely destroyed and we had no more shelter, so we were forced to resort to Efrin,” he said.

Abu Mohammed expressed his resentment with the decision of the Assayish forces to ban receiving of helping the displaced families, describing the decision as “inhumane” and “a violation to the universal human rights”.

The city of Efrin in the northern countryside of Aleppo received thousands of displaced Syrians from different areas of the province since the beginning of the military operations in Aleppo.


Reporting by: Jiwan Hisso

Source: ARA News

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