We deserve being told truth: Media workshop held in northern Syria


During Kobane's media workshop last week. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Qamishlo, Syria – The Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) organized last week a media workshop on basic journalistic skills, and invited dozens of media activists to join in the city of Kobane, in Aleppo environs, north Syria.

Under the supervision of Aqel Sefer, Kurdish journalist and trainer, the workshop was held with a number of participants who obtained basic knowledge about information gathering and news reporting.

“Our belief in the crucial role of media in covering the happenings in our areas was the main incentive behind organizing this workshop, especially that misinformation violates people’s right in reaching truth. So we wanted the new generation to obtain some basic skills upon which they may build a professional media work,” one of the organizers told ARA News.

The three-day workshop included “the definition of the journalistic news, its types and elements”, and a special focus was paid to the “most significant news values and conditions of selecting headlines and the media language, as well as delivering news professionally and credibly to the public opinion”.

The workshop tackled the difference between printed featured articles and online journalism, beside an introduction to investigation journalism on basic of some academic tips, according to the organizers, beside reliability and importance of sources.

Yusuf Ramadan, the media officer of the Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) in Kobane city, told ARA News “the goal of this training is to activate the role of journalists and teach them the tools of writing news and reportage as well as working hand in hand through the center and other media institutions to establish a Kurdish media body.”

The Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) is active in holding training workshops in different domains in Syria’s Kurdish-majority areas.


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News

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