Syrian woman shot dead at Turkish border


Suad Doshi. File photo

ARA News

Derik, Syria – A Kurdish woman was shot dead by the Turkish border guards on Sunday while trying to cross the border into Turkey “illegally” from the Syrian northeastern city of Derik.

Suad Doshi, 31, was accompanying her two sons, aged 6 and 7, while trying to cross the border into Turkey near Mezreat Shebani area in the countryside of Derik, northeast of Syria, when the Turkish border guards opened fire and shot her in the head. Both children were returned to Derik.

According to a source close to Doshi, the woman has tried several times to enter Turkey but was denied access, “the fact which led her to resort to illegal way to enter the Turkish territory”.

“Her husband has recently arrived in Germany and applied for asylum, and he was expecting her to follow him through a smuggler through Turkey to Germany. However, she was destined to die at the Turkish borders and leave behind two orphan sons,” said the source.

Noteworthy, the Turkish authorities tightened control over its border with Turkey to prevent further influx of Syrians to its territory, whose number exceeded half a million in Turkey.

Reporting by: Memo Muhammad

Source: ARA News

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