Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan protest against a UN report


Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan during the protest against UN report. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan− “Dara Shukran”, a Syrian refugee camp near Erbil −capital of Iraqi Kurdistan− witnessed a demonstration, on Sunday, against a recently-issued UN report that conveys information on sexual harassment practised against a large umber of Syrian female refugees. 

The report, which was issued by the UN Women Assembly, reveals that “68% of the Syrian female refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan faced sexual harassment inside and outside the camps”, demanding Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to “consider the issue and hold the perpetrators responsible”.

The political activist Raman Mahmoud Malla, one of the protest participants, told ARA News: “The protest renounces the inaccurate information mentioned in the report”, considering the 68% mentioned in the report “unreasonable”.

The protesters demanded the UN Women Assembly to present “immediate apology” to the Syrian refugees living in Iraqi Kurdistan. They also called for investigating and holding the reporting parties responsible. The report will be submitted to the UN in Iraqi Kurdistan.

“There were some cases of harassment such as the incident took place in Hewler (Erbil) when a Syrian girl was raped by six guys from the Region,” Malla told ARA News. “However, the percentage mentioned in the report is overdrawn. Such a report represents a pressure practised on the KRG.”

Raman denied protesting under a pressure from KRG. 

More than 300 thousand Syrian refugees, mostly Kurds, fled to Iraqi Kurdistan, and now live inside camps established by KRG in collaboration with the UN.

Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi 

Source: ARA News

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