Kurdish folklore revived in Syria’s Kobane


Women in Kurdish folk clothes during the exhibition in Kobane city, north Syria. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Kobane, Syria– The Culture and Thought Association of Hoshin opened on Saturday an exhibition for Kurdish folklore heritage in the region of Kobane, in the northern countryside of Aleppo. 

The Association of Hoshin had collected some old tools which Kurds used in the past and presented them in a decent way, while a number of Kurdish women undertook the task of making bread in the old fashioned way and distributed it on the visitors with soup.

Speaking to ARA News, managing member of the Hoshin Association, Mufida Sheikho, said: “The Culture and Thought Association of Hoshin seeks to distribute the culture of thought in the Kurdish society, and to present old tools and artistic paintings through organizing artistic and folk exhibitions.” 

Kurdish traditional way of preparing food

Sheikho also expressed her gratitude to everybody who helped organizing this exhibition and the KDPS for hosting the exhibition in the party’s headquarter. 

Afterwards, member of the Local Committee of the Kurdish National Council (KNC) in Kobane, Omar Atti, gave a speech about the Kurdish folklore heritage and emphasized the importance of the folk culture inherited from the ancestors of the Kurds.

In his turn, Ferhad Shahin, member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDPS), expressed his gratitude to the members of Hoshin Association for their unique effort, saying: “Art and culture are the mirror of any society and we are obliged to keep this mirror shining for the generations to come.” 

Notably, the Culture and Thought Association of Hoshin is one of the many civil society organizations in Kobane city which have started to spread in the predominantly Kurdish areas of Syria mainly after the Syrian regime’s security apparatus withdrew from those areas and which used to prevent most of the Kurdish cultural, political and social gatherings.


Reporting by: Dilbijan Abdullah

Source: ARA News

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