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A photograph showing a Kurdish wedding ceremony in Kobane city in the 60s. Photo: ARA News from the exhibition

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – Ashti Xwaz Group, one of the civic society bodies in the predominantly Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria organized on Tuesday a photography exhibition in the office of the Kurdish Yekiti Party.

The exhibition showed old photographs of the city, whether photos of different personalities or old customs. Others show some wedding parties and mass dances as well as public places and the ruins of Kobane. It also contained modern day photos to show the discrepances between generations, places and styles of life.

Speaking to ARA News, administrator of Ashti Xwaz Group, Jankeen, said: “We worked hard to collect these photographs that reflect the difference between the past’s and today’s Kobane. This is what we were able to achieve (pointing to the walls of the exhibition hall where dozens of photographs were posted.”

Reber Sherif, the board of directors’ member in the Group, told ARA News: “This exhibition is an attempt to show the history and the progress of the city (Kobane).”

Sherif talked about Ashti Xwaz endeavor to archive the city’s history, saying: “On the upcoming stage, we will collect more rare photographs, especially from the distant villages, despite of the current hardships.”

Musa Basrawi, one of the exhibition’s visitors, gave ARA News his opinion on such activity, saying: “It is a beautiful exhibition in general. We travelled back to our ancestors’ days.”

Noteworthy, Ashti Xwaz Group was founded early March 2013, concerned in organizing various cultural and artistic activities, such as exhibition, drama plays and concerts.


Reporting by: Del Bijan Abdullah and Sadruddin Kino

Source: ARA News

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