Assayish forces capture journalists, north Syria


ARA News

Qamishli, Syria – The Assayish forces of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) arrested on Sunday journalist Dildar Hamo, correspondent of the Kurdish Zagros TV, in Tirpesipi city (al-Qahtaniya). Hamo was taken to an unknown destination after members of the Assayish forces raided his home, according to his father.

journalist Dildar Hamo

Bahjat Hamo, father of the detained journalist, stated to ARA News that members of the PYD’s security forces –known as the Assayish– arrested his son on Sunday afternoon.

“After they arrested Dildar, they carried out a second raid on the house and took all the equipment which Dildar use for his work. They seized his laptop, camera and cellphone. Afterwards, Dildar was moved to a detention center in Qamishli city,” the father said.

Speaking to ARA News, journalist Ismail Sharif said: “The increased oppression carried out by the PYD de facto authorities against the Kurdish people in general and the Kurdish political movement in particular serves the interests of the Syrian regime which handed over the responsibility of oppressing the Kurdish people to the PYD while it is busy somewhere else.”

“The assaults carried out against journalists and news providers in Kurdish areas aim at concealing PYD’s violations against the Kurdish people and politicians and to limit the work of news reporting to media outlets close to the PYD,” Sharif said.

Notably, the Assayish forces of Darbasiyah city detained the news correspondent of the Kurdish Rudaw TV, Mohammed Bashar, at the end of last April. According to other reports, the Assayish of Efrin are currently searching for journalist Jomard Hamdosh.


Reporting by: Omar Saeed

Source: ARA News

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