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Hasakah, Syria – On the first anniversary of the inauguration of Ehmede Khane Forum for Kurdish Culture in Mifti neighbourhood in the Syrian northeastern city of Hasakah, the cultural week of the forum started on Saturday.

A number of plastic artists participated in the first day. The exhibition, which attracted different age groups, contained sculptures and paintings of Kurdish trait as well as some Kurdish folklore clothes and handicrafts.

Antique tools offered during Hasakah exhibition. Photo: ARA News

Ibrahim Mohammad, a board member in Ehmede Khane Forum, talked to ARA News about the importance of these activities, saying: “We realized the importance of introducing our ancestors’ tools to the new generation, especially under the current difficult situations, as we started using old inventions like lanterns.”

In his statement to ARA News, one of the artists participating in the exhibition admitted the primitive knowledge they own in this domain because of the repression and intimidation they faced for years under the rule of Assad regime. He also emphasized the artists’ commitment and support to greenhorn youth in their endeavor to make the Kurdish art universal.

It is worth mentioning that Ehmede Khane Forum is a civil center for a variety of civil events and activities, such as lectures, exhibitions, Kurdish and English language courses, as well as artistic and theatrical activities.


Reporting by: Sipan al-Kurdi

Source: ARA News

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