Arab-Kurdish conflict in Syria’s Hasaka



ARA News

Hasaka, Syria− Clashes broke out between the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) −affiliated with the Democratic Union Party the (PYD)− and militants of the National Defence −Arab tribal militia loyal to the regime− near the train station of Hasaka city in northeastern Syria on Wednesday.

The clashes took place at the YPG-held neighbourhood of Kallaseh in central Hasaka, according to local sources.

The YPG fighters reportedly raised their flag on one of the towers in the train station in Hasaka, which raised the outrage of the National Defence militants who in their turn attacked the tower and took down the flag.

The clashes ended with the withdrawal of the National Defence militants from the neighbourhood. 

Local sources told ARA News that several fighters from both sides were injured. The exact number of the injured remained unknown. 

Members of the Kurdish YPG surrounded the area and installed several security checkpoints, preventing movement from and to the station. 

Meanwhile, the National Defence militia attacked on Thursday headquarters of the PYD-linked Assayish forces in Tel Hajar district in Hasaka city. The Assayish forces have reportedly seized three armoured vehicles and ammunitions from the National Defence after fierce clashes. No casualties reported.

Notably, the Syrian security forces −who are in control over main areas in Hasaka city− did not interfere in the clashes. 


Reporting by: Sipan al-Kurdi

Source: ARA News


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