Syria rebels advance in Aleppo




ARA News

Aleppo, Syria− Opposition fighter of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) imposed it control over al-Rashideen district in Aleppo on Wednesday, after clashes with the pro-regime military forces. 

Fierce clashes took place between the FSA and the pro-regime forces on Wednesday morning, ended with the control of the FSA rebels over the district of al-Rashideen in northern Aleppo.

Ibtisam Assaf, activist based in the city of Aleppo, told ARA News that the opposition fighters repelled the peo-Assad army and its allied militants from the northern areas of Aleppo. 

“The clashes claimed lives of fighters from both sides, but the exact numbers of the casualties are still unknown,” she said.

The FSA-regime battles in Aleppo spread towards the Air Force Intelligence Division in Zahira neighbourhood on Wednesday evening. 

“The pro-Assad army is backed by Shiite militants of Lebanese Hezbollah group and Iraqi militia of Abu Fadl al-Abbas, whose flags were seen raised on military vehicles during the clashes,” Assaf said. “Several residential buildings were damaged due to the artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces.” 

Over the past three days, the city of Aleppo has seen military escalation by the opposition fighters who declared a battle aims to control the headquarters and main locations of the regime in the city and its countryside.


Reporting by: Haya Al Abdullah

Source: ARA News


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