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Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan– The Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDPS) condemned in a statement released on Sunday what it called “the irresponsible practices” of the officials of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) −who lead the self-rule administration announced last year in areas where Kurds constitute a majority in north and northeastern Syria. 

The statement (of which ARA News received a copy) called on the PYD officials “not to drive the Kurdish people in Syria into unnecessary conflicts and to seriously review their wrong policies”.

“We call on the PYD officials to stop their violent actions which aim at excluding other Kurdish political forces and to adopt principles of dialogue instead,” the statement read.

The statement also accused the PYD officials of trying to prevent the efforts of the KDPS to hold its foundational conference (which was held in Iraqi Kurdistan at the beginning of this April) by preventing their party members to cross into Syria through the Semalka border crossing which is under the control of security forces (Assayish) of the PYD “de facto authorities”.  

“The PYD de facto authorities prevented the delegation of our party (KDPS) to return home after ending the foundational conference by detaining them and forcing some of them to return to Iraqi Kurdistan again,” the statement said, adding that the PYD authorities “systematically worked to offend the KDPS through its media outlet, and accused its members of betraying the Kurdish people in Syria.”

The statement also referred to “death threats” which the KDPS leaders received from PYD-linked activists.

“The PYD’s behaviours and practices neither serve the rights of the Kurdish people in Syria nor contribute to their aspirations. Moreover, these practices harm the Syrian national issues and undermine the efforts aimed at bringing all the national forces to work together,” the KDPS leadership argued. 

Speaking to ARA News, Abdurrahman Abo, member of the Central Committee of the KDPS and a former detainee at center of the PYD-led Assayish forces, said: “The PYD policies should have at least served the national interests of the Syrian people, and in particular the Kurdish people, by forming a strong front in the face of the Syrian bloody regime and by working jointly with other forces in order to have a minimum amount of losses in this period which the country is going through.” 

“However, the PYD practices on the ground, and especially their aggressions against our party members, are far away from the values which the Kurdish national struggle has been known for,” Abo argued.

Abo concluded: “We urge the PYD’s de facto authorities to comply with the culture of accepting the other and to make efforts to get into dialogues with other political forces for the sake of the Kurdish and Syrian national interests.”


Reporting by: Azad Jemkari

Source: ARA News


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