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Darbasiyah, Syria– Young local residents of the northeastern Syrian city of Darbasiyah (60 km west of Qamishli city), founded the Charity Association of Darbasiyah “with a vision to help those in need, including the disabled”, as the association defines its goals. The aid work of the association mainly includes food baskets, cloths and amounts of money. 

Families which received support from the association told ARA News that the Charity Association of Darbasiyah helped them to the extent of the association’s abilities and that they understand that the association isn’t able to lift them out of poverty, but may be able to help in alleviating some of their hardships.

Speaking to ARA News, director of the Charity Association of Darbasiyah, Issa Jamil, said: “Our association is funded by several parties, including the Public Aid Organization (PAO), the Kurdish communities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, independent young activists in Germany and international relief organizations. In addition, we have membership fees and local contributors have supported us very often.”   

Jamil also explained the distribution mechanism and the way of giving priority to people in urgent need for aid, saying that the association members conduct surveys in the city of Darbasiyah and its countryside, adding that special committees evaluate the situation of the local residents who are below the poverty line. 

“We help all those in need regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliation, as the common point between all of them is poverty and that is the main reason behind the establishment of the association,” Jamil said. 

Alan Khalo, a resident of Darbasiyah city, told ARA News: “I have followed the work of the association since its foundation and I believe that its members are making remarkable efforts, as they have not only helped local residents but also those who took refuge in the city. The association gave about 2.140.000 SP to residents of Sere Kaniye city, which helped around 764 families. However, Darbasiyah’s countryside is yet excluded from the association’s activities.”  

Layla Saeed, a widow and mother of five children, emphasized the significant work the association is doing, saying that she received along with her children considerable help.

“The association has helped me and my children a lot; they gave us winter clothes when the prices in the markets were too high and unaffordable. We have also received food baskets a couple of times, beside some financial aids. They have also distributed flour and meat,” Saeed told ARA News.  

“We hope that the association will continue providing help and assistance to those in need in the area,” she added.  

Notably, the northeastern areas of Syria have recently seen the establishment of several charity associations which provide humanitarian aids to families which suffer from difficult economic conditions, according to the estimation of local survey committees.


Reporting by: Leen Ali

Source: ARA News


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