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Urfa, Syria− Many questions have been raised lately on the role of the Kurdish members in the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), whether independent individuals or representatives of the Kurdish National Council parties, and “what they presented to the Kurdish people in the political and service-related congregations”. Another issue is the condemnation statement on “the persecution of the Kurdish people” by armed Islamic groups and others linked to the opposition itself and on “forcible expulsion and siege these people endure”, especially in Tel Abyad and Kobane, north of Syria. 

Many Kurds, whom ARA News met, shared the same opinion “the Kurds’ representatives in the Coalition did not bring any benefit for us. They are there to fill the vacuum in that body and to serve the interests of the countries which try to control Syria”. Some accused those members of “lingering in helping their compatriots on the service and political levels”.

Among the issues raised is the 10.000 USD distributed on the displaced residents of Tel Akhdar village- north of Syria- by the SNC-led Interim Government, especially after the Kurdish local council in Tel Abyad city had received 9000 USD. They also wondered about the distribution mechanism and the “reason behind not providing any help to thousands of families expelled from the city”.

Lawyer Hevaroun Sherif, member of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) on behalf of the Kurdish National Council, talked to ARA News about Kobane siege (by Islamist militants of ISIL group) and the assistance provided to the displaced Kurdish people from Tel Abyad. 

She showed ARA News more than one letter she had sent to the SNC demanding a statement on “denouncing the terrorist attacks on Kobane and the forcible expulsion to hundreds of Kurdish families”, wondering also “the silence of the Coalition, especially the Kurdish members.”

Sherif added that, through being in the Coalition, she is trying to help her compatriots, but she is tied and does not have enough freedom to act. She admit that she “did not do much”, but Sherif emphasized that she will not surrender. Sherif mentioned that she provided 161 food baskets, 100 blankets and 101 mattresses to the Kurdish families “expelled” (by ISIL) from the Western countryside of Tel Abyad, on 20 March this year, to the Turkish city of Urfa. The aid was provided after submitting a demand to the Ministry of Relief and Local Management in the SNC-led Interim Government. 

Concerning the plan of salaries allocated by the SNC for former state employees (who have been suspended by the Syria regime after being accused of opposition-related activities), Sherif said: “The (SNC-led) Government asked us to submit a list of the names of the suspended Kurdish employees. Thus, I asked people in Qamishli, Afrin and Kobane, beside the local councils, to submit the names attached with their CVs and the dismissal date and reason.”  

The Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) elected Hivaron Sherif on behalf of the independent members in the Council, for the membership in the General Assembly of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), after the Coalition approved the membership of the Kurdish Council, on September 15, 2013. 


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News


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