Erbil to host film festival as Capital of Arab Tourism 2014


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Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan– Within the activities of “Erbil: Capital of Arab Tourism 2014” and under the sponsorship of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the first International Film Festival in Erbil city is planned to take place in the period between 5-10 of May. The film festival will start on the initiative of Shivan Perwer Association for Kurdish Culture and Art, the Tiko Media Association and several other associations.

According to a source close to the Preparatory Committee, the festival will host many world cinema directors and actors, while the jury of the festival will include the French director Emmanuelle Bercot, Turkish actor Kadir Inanir, Syrian actress Mona Wassif and Kurdish musician Hussein Zahawi.

Beside Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Kurdish, Arab, Turkish and Persian movies will participate in Erbil’s first International Film Festival, including two movies by the Syrian director Bassil Khayatt and more than 50 other movies.

Local TV channels and international media agencies will cover the events of the festival which will include showing movies and giving seminars about the international cinema in general and the history of the Kurdish cinema in particular.

Miqdad Khalil, one of those concerned with cinema, told ARA News that the importance of film festivals lies in preserving the film festival traditions, “especially after the number of cinema-goers decreased for the favour of watching TV.

“Film festivals also encourage young cinema artists and direct their artistic paths. These are also occasions to celebrate cinema and life,” Khalil said.

Khalil expressed his views that film festivals bring life into cinemas and cinema productions, beside offering an opportunity for cinema workers and those concerned with cinema to meet and discuss about the present and future of the cinema.

“The inhabitants of the cities and towns which host film festivals are often distinguished by a qualitative follow-up of movies due to the distinct selection of movies in the festivals,” he added.

Notably, the Arab Ministerial Council of Tourism in Cairo elected Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, as the Arab Tourism Capital for 2014 due to the “existence of a promising tourism infrastructure, and Erbil’s significance as a tourist destination was apparent in the recent years by attracting a remarkably large number of tourists from all over the world”, according to the Arab Ministerial Council of Tourism.

Reporting by: Solava Ahmad

Source: ARA News


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