Christians’s celebrations under Sutoro’s protection, north Syria



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Qamishli, Syria− Christians in different churches in the Syrian northeatsern city of Qamishli celebrated Great Friday and the resurrection of the Lord on Easter Sunday, in light of the current crisis which hit the country since more than three years. 

The city of Qamishli is a mixture of Kurds, Arabs and different Christian groups. The majority of Christians live in the neighbourhood of the central city.

All Christian groups −Syriacs, Assyrians and Armenians− headed to the city’s Churches amid partial security vacuum.

However, the celebrations were for the first time protected by armed forces of the recently formed Christian militia of Sutoro −affiliated with the Syriac Union Party− against any possible incidents. 

The Sutoro militia was formed by the Syrian Unions Party nearly two months ago. The militia is reportedly funded by the Syrian Christian community in Europe. Members of the Sutoro argue that forming such an armed force was a necessity for them to protect their peers against “radical Islamic groups” in northeastern Syria. 

According to local sources, there is a partial coordination between the Sutoro militia and the Kurdish forces of the Assayish −affiliated with the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− in Qamishli city. 

The Syriac, Assyrian and Armenian Christian communities in Qamishli challenged the current war conditions and celebrated this year’s Good Friday and Easter Sunday, despite the unusual presence of local armed forces to protect the Churches in the city. 


Reporting by: Saman Hasan

Source: ARA News


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