More Kurdish women recruited to join Syria war



ARA News

Tel Temir, Hasaka, Syria− Representatives of the Kurdish armed forces of Women Protection Units (YPJ) −linked to the YPG− held a forum in the town of Tel Temir earlier this week, calling on women of the town to join the YPJ’s ranks.    

The YPJ was formed following the establishment of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to “defend” the Kurdish-populated areas north of Syria, according to the PYD. 

Locals said that the YPJ held its initial forum in Tel Temir in a (females) secondary school “to attract schoolgirls to fight in the group’s ranks”. 

A female student of Malki secondary school in Tel Temir attended the forum and told ARA News that a member of the YPJ emphasized the necessity of joining the armed forces of the YPJ for women “to maintain security of the area and defend women’s rights”.  

“YPJ’s member insisted that we join their ranks, talking about the dangerous situation in the region and their (YPJ) need for more women militants, arguing that an active participation by women would guarantee a better future for the Kurdish woman in Syria,” she said −preferring anonymity for security reasons.  

According to other sources, the YPJ forum in Tel Temir was mainly focused on the topic of the fight against Islamists. 

“They said that more women are needed in the ranks of the YPJ to defend our areas against al-Qaeda and terrorism,” a female resident of Tel Temir said.  

A leading member of the YPJ reassured that all new members will receive efficient training to be able to use various kinds of weapons and behave properly during battles.  

Some of the Kurdish female students in Tel Temir agreed to join the YPJ ranks, while others opposed the idea completely, saying that the group is “politically coloured” (in reference to the PKK-affiliated PYD, which is deemed YPJ’s political leadership).    

“We are against the idea of recruiting young people to join an armed group, especially among young female students,” a female student in Tel Temir told ARA News“Those students are here for education not for carrying weapons. It’s unacceptable to engage 15-year-old girls into any military organizations.” 


Reporting by: Dilbireen Shergo

Source: ARA News


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