Syrian state employees suspended for political activities in Hasaka province



ARA News

Amude, Syria– The Directorate of Education and some other governmental institutions issued an official statement on Tuesday which entailed suspension and stopping payment of 11 state employees and teachers in Amude city in Hasaka governorate. 

The state employees were also requested to obligatorily show up at the State Security Department in the nearby city of Qamishli for questioning.

The incident came after previous suspensions of state employees in Amude city west of Qamishli on the background of their civil and political activities and their participation in anti-regime demonstrations.

The decision included activists who work for civil and relief organizations like Amude Charity Association, the Kurdish Woman Association of Gulshina and the Nujiyan Association for the Disabled. 

An employee whom the decision included told ARA News that the decision aims at taking revenge from the employees because of their anti-regime activities and that they wouldn’t be discouraged to continue their civil and political activities as long as it serves the society.


Reporting by: Rezan Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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