Syrian forces kill 9 civilians in Homs suburbs



ARA News

Damascus, Syria− Syrian regime forces targeted several cities and towns of Homs countryside with heavy artillery and rockets over the last two days. 

At least nine civilians were killed due to the crackdown, while dozens of others were reportedly injured and transferred to field hospitals −installed by civil activists in Homs countryside.     

Amer Sulaiman, a human rights activist based in Homs, told ARA News that the regime forces shelled the town of al-Hisn Castle in Homs suburb with rockets and heavy artillery.

“The strike of the pro-Assad forces claimed lives of several civilians and injured many others, leaving a large damage in residential buildings in Qalat al-Hisn town near Homs,” Sulaiman reported. 

The pro-regime forces also bombed Zara village in Homs suburb, killing two civilians and injuring several others transferred to the nearby medical center, local sources said. 

“The town of al-Dar and al-Kabeera were also exposed to artillery shelling launched from the Military Academy near al-Waar neighbourhood in Homs, killing three civilians and injuring five others,” the sources reported. “Field hospitals received the wounded amid a sharp shortage of medical supplies which threatens the lives of the injured civilians.” 

Meanwhile, two women were reportedly killed in the city of Talbisa in Homs suburb amid bombing by forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad −based in the Faculty of Engineering in Homs. Other two civilians were killed as a similar strike was launched on Friday on the city of Hula from the regime checkpoint of Qurmus, local sources reported.   


Reporting by: Jawad al-Ali

Source: ARA News


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