ISIL radicals execute, crucify young man in Syria’s Raqqa




ARA News

Raqqa, Syria− Members of the al-Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) executed on Saturday a young man in the city of Raqqa, and placed his body on a wooden cross in the main square of the city.

After executing the young man, ISIL group placed his dead body on a cross and issued a statement that the he will remain in that position for three days.

The executed man was accused by the ISIL of murder and robbery, according to local sources in Raqqa city, north Syria. 

An image published by ISIL-linked activists online showed the young man tied on a wooden cross, while above his bleeding head a board was hanged saying “this criminal’s deed is that he killed and robbed a Muslim man”.

Speaking to ARA News from Raqqa, media activist Abu Qutada said that the ISIL has first shot the young man in the head and tied him then to a cross, threatening residents of the city not to untie him before Tuesday morning. 

According to Abu Qutada, members of the ISIL group read a statement in public before executing the man.

“We are judging people and punishing them according to the Islamic Sharia law, which guids us in bearing the responsibility of preserving the genuine teachings of Islam,” the statement read according to Abu Qutada. 

ISIL group is in control over the city of Raqqa since more than a year. The group has established a Sharia court to “run the city according to the basic principles of Islam”.

Recently, Raqqa city saw large displacement movement among civilians due to the growing violence and strict practices of members of ISIL. 


Source: ARA News


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