FSA rebels recapture Azaz city near Aleppo



ARA News

Efrin, Aleppo, Syria– Opposition fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured on Friday Azaz city and surrounding villages in the northern countryside of Aleppo after one month of clashes with members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). 

The al-Qaeda splinter group of ISIL had taken control over the city in late Sept. 2013, after military operations against the FSA −which dominated the city for nearly one year before ISIL’s attacks in Sept.   

According to local activists based in Azaz city, the majority of the city’s residents suffer a state of panic as they expect the regime air force to bomb the city after the FSA’s domination, similar to what happened in several other areas across Syria. 

On the other hand, sources in Azaz told ARA News that a mass grave was found in the city on Saturday morning. The dead bodies were for Kurdish civilians killed by ISIL fighters when the group was in control over Azaz, the sources reported.  


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmad

Source: ARA News


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