Fresh violence in Daraa province, south Syria



ARA News

Daraa, Syria− At least two rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were killed and others injured after clashes with forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in the suburb of Syria’s southern city of Daraa, on Monday.  

Haitham Nassar, human rights activist based in Daraa, told ARA News that the regime forces clashed with fighters of the FSA in Sheikh Saad town and Gharaz area near Daraa, killing two FSA members and wounding several others. “The wounded were taken to field hospitals belonging to the opposition forces,” Nassar reported.

“Other clashes erupted between the two sides east of Inkhel town in Daraa suburb, coincided with artillery bombardment on the city launched from the regime headquarters of brigade 52 in Hirak area and artillery brigade 15,” Nassar said. The bombing claimed lives of a number of civilians, according to sources. 

In a linked context, a woman was reportedly killed by the pro-regime snipers in the town of Ghabagheb in Daraa suburb. 


Reporting by: Ahmad Hammad

Source: ARA News


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