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Aleppo, Syria− A number of brigade commanders of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) issued a statement on Tuesday in which they rejected the decision of the FSA’s Supreme Military Council to sack Chief of Staff of (FSA), Major General Salim Idris. 

Idris was officially sacked from his position on Monday by the FSA’s Supreme Military Council without clear reasons for the decision. 

The statement said that the rejection of the decision was in response to the intransigence of the Supreme Military Council adopting unilateral decisions led to rifts between the brigade leaders and a number of the revolutionary forces on the ground in Syria, including the dispute with the Islamic Front −an extended umbrella for a number of FSA-linked battalions. 

“The decision made by the Military Council exceeded the revolution’s constants when sacking Chief of Staff and appointing another within minutes,” the statement added.

The statement considered the dismissal of Major General Salim Idris as illegitimate, stressing that they (the military leaders with the revolutionary forces on ground) will continue fighting against the regime and its militias under the leadership of Major General Salim Idris, who is −according to them− elected legitimately as a commissioner inside and outside Syria. 

The statement also stressed that any party which not present on “the soil of the homeland” (referring to the Military Council based in Turkey) is not entitled to take a fateful decision.

“The decision of sacking Chief Salim Idris does not reflect the views of the revolutionary forces operating on the ground,” the statement said. “Those who want to take decisions should first enter the homeland and take part in the battles of dignity and liberation.”

The statement clarified that the current appointed Ministry of Defense did not provide any support for the elected Staff Council, and also worked to break the ranks of the revolutionary forces on the ground through refusing to support implementation of operations against the Assad regime, “especially in Syria’s western areas” (where Alawites form a majority).

The statement concluded requesting the Chairman of the Interim Government −established by the Syrian National Coalition (SNC)− to reconsider the policy of the Interim Ministry of Interior Affairs.


Reporting by: Haya al-Abdullah

Source: ARA News


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