Syrian opposition condemn PYD-led Kurdish interim government



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Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan− The Syrian National Council (SNC) released a statement regarding the announcement of a Kurdish interim government by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in areas where Kurds constitute a majority, north Syria. The SNC called on all the social components in the region, especially the Kurds, to work on preventing the achievement of this project.  

“The declaration of this interim government is rejected by all the Syrian components, and at the forefront of this rejection is a large Kurdish segment. This step serves the regime and is a stab in the back of the Syrian revolution,” SNC said on Friday.  

The statement said that the PYD-led project entails aspirations and agendas “which threaten the unity of the Syrian national soil and the Syrian social cohesion”. 

“The declaration of this government doesn’t serve the rights of the Kurdish people who have repeatedly expressed great reservations about the project which is mainly imposed by a small party (referring to the Democratic Union Party PYD) on areas where people have been proudly the first to join the ranks of the Syrian revolution,” SNC’s statement read, concluding that the “Syrian national interest requires stopping this suspicious project”.

The interim government (also referred to as transitional administration) was declared due to the administrative and security vacuum in areas where Kurds constitute a majority after the withdrawal of the regime forces from these areas. The project was first put forward by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and was rejected by the Kurdish National Council (KNC). 

The transitional government was announced last Tuesday in the northeastern province of Hasaka −known as al-Jazeera region− to coincide with the ongoing peace talks in Geneva between delegations of the Syrian regime and the opposition. 

Ismail Hameh, member of the political committee of the Kurdish Union Party (Yekiti), stated to ARA News that, “the Syrian National Council’s standpoint is chauvinistic because it is against any Kurdish administration in the Kurdish areas regardless of the party which announce this administration”.

However, Hameh believes that this project is inefficient as long as the regime is still in power in these areas.  


Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi

Source: ARA News


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