Syria Kurds support KNC delegation in Geneva peace talks



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Tel Temir, Hasaka, Syria− Supporters of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) took to the street in the city of Tel Temir, in Hasaka province, raising pro-KNC slogans which is participating in the ranks of the Syrian National Coalition’s delegation in Geneva peace talks. Dozens of activists took part in the demonstration on Wednesday. 

Tel Temir’s demonstrators demanded “federalism for Syria’s Kurds”, considering a political decentralization as the most convenient and efficient solution for the civil war in Syria. The demonstration was mainly called for by the Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria −member of the KNC.    

The KNC, which constitutes a part of the Syrian National Coalition (for revolutionary forces and the opposition), is represented by politician Abdulhamid Darwish in the coalition’s delegation in Geneva II. 

Darwish said that the Kurdish people in Syria will gain their legitimate rights “since they are represented in such an important conference (Geneva II).

“It is the first time that the Syrian Kurds are represented in such an international conference. We are a genuine component of the opposition, and we look forward to build a shining future for our people in Syria,” Darwish told Orient TV on Thursday. 

Many Kurdish activists considered the participation of the KNC in the ongoing peace talks in Switzerland an “important step forward” for the Kurdish people in Syria as a main component of the “pro-democracy Syrian revolution”.

However, others −mainly supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) which is in control in several Kurdish areas north Syria− considered the Kurdish National Council’s participation in Geneva II as a “treason to the Kurdish people”. Observers resort PYD’s position to the fact that the party was excluded from the invitation to the Geneva talks. 


Reporting by: Dilbirin Shergo

Source: ARA News


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