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Qamishli, Syria− Supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) announced that on Tuesday the party is expected to declare a joint transitional administration in areas where Kurds constitute a majority. The alleged transitional government (also referred to as self-rule) is supposed to be executed in accordance with an agreement by the PYD and a number of minor Kurdish, Arab and Syriac parties amidst the surprise of observers and people as it is the third time within months such a declaration has been announced.  

A vehicle which belongs to the “People Council in Western Kurdistan” −led by organizations linked to the PYD− drove on Monday evening in the streets and districts of the city of Qamishli declaring (through loudspeakers) that Tuesday morning is the date the official declaration of the transitional government and demanding people to celebrate in front of Qasimo Mosque and in Munir Habib street in the city Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, hundreds of supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) took to the street to express their joy firing bullets intensively into the air. The Assaysh −PYD’s security arm− and the YPG −PYD’s military arm− fired as well bullets in the air from their headquarters and checkpoints inside Qamishli and in the surrounding areas. 

Activist Alan Beko told ARA News that the alleged declaration lacks credibility as it’s name is not associated with the term “Kurdistan”.

“The transitional administration also lacks a constitutional recognition and an international support. But despite all the obvious vulnerabilities, it remains an important step forward for Syrian Kurds,” Beko said. 

Jewad Mohammed, a resident of Qamishli, stated to ARA News that this is the first time that Syrian Kurds “work seriously on achieving a self-administration in their areas”, adding that it is a first step towards “an actual realization of the legitimate demands and rights of the Kurdish people in Syria”.  

However, activist Ashti Qamishlo doubted the timing and the viability of the declaration.

“If the PYD would have been invited to the Geneva peace talks, it would not be able then to declare self-administration just two days before the conference, which is considered a try by the party to impose its will in the region as a de facto. The declaration of this administration is merely a reaction to the fact that the PYD have not been invited to Geneva”, Qamishlo said.

The Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) −a coalition of 13 Kurdish parties− criticized the project and considered it “incomplete” due to the apparent presence of the Syrian regime’s security forces in the cities of Qamishli and al-Hasaka −main areas where the PYD intends to established the alleged administration. Moreover, the KNC accused the PYD of attempting to monopolize power in Syria’s Kurdish areas and marginalize other Kurdish political forces. “The PYD promotes itself as the guardian and the only existing authority in the Kurdish areas,” a recent statement by the KNC said. 


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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