Qaeda fighters execute two Syrians in Raqqa



ARA News

Urfa, Turkey− Al-Qaeda fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) summarily executed on Friday two young Syrian men on charge of insulting Islam’s prophet. The execution was carried out in Dewar al-Na’im Square in Raqqa city, north Syria. 

Haithm Miho, an activist based in Raqqa city, told ARA News that the ISIL cut off the heads of the two young men with a sword in Dewar al-Na’im Square after reciting a statement saying that the two young men were found guilty of having insulted the prophet of Islam, “so it was inevitable to execute them” according to the ISIL.

“Residents of Raqqa disapproved the execution crime silently out of fear of punishment,” Miho said.

Miho expressed his sympathy with the executed men and said that the ISIL could imprison them “instead of killing them in this horrible way”.

Activists based in Raqqa city reported that members of al-Qaeda-linked ISIL carried out raid and arrest campaign in the areas of Kebish and al-Sihlibiya in the western suburbs of Raqqa city. The campaign targeted a number of citizens on charges of “apostasy and supporting rebel groups” which fight against the ISIL. 


Reporting by: Ridwan Bizar

Source: ARA News


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